Saturday, November 16, 2013

Testimony from Masindi

Recently, at a conference in Masindi at Family Empowerment Ministries, Jill shared with the sisters a radical testimony of the powerful fruit of walking in simple trust in the Word. 

A sister from the refugee camp where she lived got radically saved. When she went home her husband was furious. She prayed and God led her to practice  1 Peter 3:1-6. 

One day her husband threatened her, "If you go to hear a Bible study again I will beat you!" The day came for her women's study and she prepared her house and left to listen.

When she returned she found her husband true to his threat, he beat her smugly believing that would be the end of the matter. The following week to his surprise, she went again and resolved herself that it was worth even another beating. In exasperation, this husband plotted an even more aggressive threat. He was sure this one would stop her forever from going to learn about Jesus Christ....

"I have decided to take a beautiful young women from this village as my wife," he jeered, "and you must not only wash the bedroom and prepare clean new linens for us, I will collect her from her father's home and bring her to you. You will bathe, perfume, and make her look beautiful for me. Then I expect you to present her in all that glory to me!" 

She bowed her head in doubt pleading in prayer for strength as you or I would have to do....

The wedding day came, and he watched her every move, expecting at any moment she would confront him in some way, but nothing happened. Quietly, yet lovingly, she fulfilled his every command without so much as a cross word. When he saw the room prepared more beautifully than she ever had, the warm water with its aromatic perfume, and her perfect peace as he marched in the bride to be, he stopped dead in his tracks. 

First he ordered the girl to be taken home, then he fell to his knees before his wife and said, "What must I do to be saved by this Jesus!" Today they live together for the glory of God.

Jill challenged the women to live drenched in His supernatural love. "Never consider that you are hidden away in this remote little was she, but as I have shared this story and others I know have repeated it, it's been celebrated all over the world!" Jill exhorted them as they exploded in applause to the Lord.

We never know the great things God can do as we surrender and of my favorite pastors said that when we learn to a link your impotence to His omnipotence, the most ordinary and mundane becomes a living picture of the miraculous. This world we live in has lost it's hope in a love like that....maybe God has chosen you for such a time as this...Those precious sisters part of Family Empowerment Ministries were willing to believe God could do exceedingly abundantly more in them...can you do the same?