Thursday, February 16, 2012

Relinquish & be Revived!

Walk with Him

Listen to Him calling to you personally. "Come, My beloved, let us take a walk together, that I may give counsel, instruction, and comfort to thee, and may make known My wants and grievances, with freedom, and without interruption.’’ Do you make time to talk with Him like this? Start today, find just a few minutes and sit quietly under the shadow of His love with great delight.

Jesus wants you to intentionally avoid all that diverts your concentration or hinders, just so that you can attend upon the Lord without distraction.

Your willful relinquishment of self in order to be wholly taken up with Christ….
            Is true freedom!
                 He is so worth it!

Beloved, what are you waiting for?
            What are you holding on to?

                          Relinquish and be Revived…..